Workshops & Classes

Coming Soon – please check back for details

Location: Hot Stone Classes will be offered in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Requirements: This 2-day class is limited to LICENSED Massage Therapists who have had at least 500 hours training in anatomy & physiology, ethics and various massage techniques, or the equivalent education if your state does not require a license for massage therapy.

Details: This hands-on 2-day class will be a basic hot stone class designed to get you started right away! Further details about hot stone classes will be posted later in 2021. Hot Stone classes will be offered in Fort Collins, Colorado in Fall of 2021 – please check back for schedule updates and registration.

Description: This class will be an introductory class covering:

1) the safe and proper use of hot stones in your massage session for the best client experience
2) safety protocols that meet ABMP/ AMTA requirements for liability insurance
3) benefits of hot (& cold) stones for clients
4) cautions & contraindications of using hot & cold stones and cautions with certain client conditions
5) the proper equipment and set up you will need
6) buying stones & supplies
7) equipment you will need
8) setting up your workspace for a safe & efficient flow in the massage
9) and more!